Who needs to use barbed wire today

Your traditional security centers have been using barbed wire since it was first manufactured. This would be your military zones and state security apparatus. State security infrastructure includes police department centers and rehabilitation centers for offenders. Most of the time, you would be thinking that barbed wire is used as one more mechanism to keep offenders from escaping and to prevent men and women with violent and treasonous intentions from breaching essential security providers’ territory.

Most of the time, you would be quite right. But barbed wire, if you have another look around you, is being applied to other areas as well. Take industrial complexes, for instance. Additional security measures have to be implemented to prevent areas holding dangerous chemicals from being breached, even accidentally. At a critical road traffic juncture, you could be passing by and you could see attendants rolling out the barbed wire machine to provide extra security and protection for your fellow passersby and to secure vulnerable remnants of the accident.

Pretty much everyone who has security concerns and huge responsibilities in regard to properly securing hazardous materials, mostly as legally mandated, have a use for barbed wire. While it can be cut by criminal fingers very good with, well, their fingers, the barbed wire still acts as an effective deterrent. It is sharp edged and can injure anyone foolish enough to try and scale the wire. And even if cutting is the criminal way to go, it does take quite a while to get through these wires. Still cutting his way through the wires, the criminal or arsonist could already have been nabbed by the authorities before any further damage or harm occurred.

If you have a smallholding out on a rural and isolated plain, far from manpower, you will have a use for barbed wire.